hey Wisconsin

I’m really sorry, Wisconsin, that I and my fellow workers have caused you so much grief, that our work ‘broke’ the state, that it was too much to organize safe, stable, equitable, collaborative workplaces that militate against discrimination, retribution, and fear. You’re right, everything wrong with the state is our fault.

I’m just venting, but seriously, if you receive a paycheck, the Walker agenda (which is merely part of a larger agenda) is hostile to you. If you receive or in any way use any public service or good (public school, land, library, university, healthcare, etc), the Walker agenda is hostile to you.


if you’re rich and live off the labor of others, everything is AWESOME! Enjoy your total awesomeness. Enjoy watching us work for your awesomeness. Enjoy watching people suffer to enrich your awesomeness. You better enjoy it because while no cost is too high for you, it’s pretty high for the rest of us.


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