Like Leftover Halloween Candy…

The best of our selves gets picked over, spent, and consumed by the bosses, by capitalists, by the worst among us. But there is something left over, something valuable, something worth liking and sharing.

Maybe it’s like leftover halloween candy – the least favored in the holiday haul that is lost and forgotten after the gluttonous consumption of the sweetest, and then, when rediscovered months later cached in corner cupboard, is savored because hell, it’s still candy.

Perhaps it’s more like an ember, the smoldering remnants of a once-mighty conflagration that endured concerted and persistent efforts to extinguish it, an ember that, no matter how small, still harbors the potential to ignite another blaze.

However we describe it, it – the leftovers, the detritus of our selves – is what nurtures our struggle. Struggle requires literacy, creativity, organization, militancy, humor, and, above all, solidarity; I don’t know if you’ll find the better parts of any of that here, but struggle – shit, just getting by – works best as a social project. So here we are. Solidarity by any means possible.

Because let’s be honest – capitalism makes people feel like dying. I know it sounds melodramatic but I doubt it sounds foreign. So let’s put it out there in all of its uncomfortable glory-

Capitalism makes people feel like dying.

Let’s reclaim what’s left of our selves, let’s celebrate that the candy at the bottom of the bucket is still pretty fucking awesome, and let’s acknowledge that we are simultaneously the source of everything the capitalists have and everything they fear.


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