Favorite Lit

I love the following books and highly recommends them (even if I do not wholly agree with some of them):

Capital – Karl Marx: THE foundation for the scientific study of history and capitalism.

The Making of the English Working Class – E. P. Thompson: a rich theorization of the dialectical tension between the effects of history on people and their agency to shape history.

The Retreat From Class – Ellen Meiksins Wood: tracing the evolutions of social theory during the second half of the 20th century; Wood argues that the theoretical trends that have emerged dismiss the agency of class and undermine the potency of any serious challenge to capitalism.

In Theory – Aijaz Ahmad

Cultures of Darkness – Bryan David Palmer

Class Notes – Adolph Reed, Jr.

The Debate on Classes – Erik Olin Wright (ed.)

The Brenner Debate – Aston and Philpin (eds.)


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